Focus! 6 Ways To Improve Focus When Working From Home

Put away all distractions, including the TV and your phone.

It’s hard to focus when working from home. You can look out the window and see your kids playing in the yard, or you might be distracted by a TV show on Netflix. Working from home is not like going into an office where you don’t have these distractions. But it doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything you can do about it! We’ve come up with some tips for improving focus when working at home so that you are able to get your work done without being interrupted by everything else going on around you.

1. Close your office door if you have one. This will help to create a sense of privacy and focus.

Close your office door if you have one. This will help to create a sense of privacy and focus

Try to do focus-enhancing exercises. This might be sitting in a chair and breathing slowly for two minutes, then standing up and doing some yoga poses, or going outside on your lunch break to get sunlight.

Try earplugs! If someone is snoring next door – this was my problem when I worked at home – or there are kids playing loudly outside, try using earplugs so that they don’t distract from what you’re working on.

Make sure that everyone else around understands why these things need to happen so that no one is disturbed by them (or tries to find out why). Work during times of day when people aren’t likely to need you. For example, I work best from midnight to four in the morning because that’s when my kids are asleep and no one is likely to need me for anything else.

Another thing you can do is try a focus booster like RescueTime which will help you track how much time you’re spending on productive tasks vs unproductive tasks. And if all of these things fail, take a break! Working from home should be flexible so that you can focus when it works best for you, not when someone else tells you that you have to focus.

2. Put away all distractions, including the TV and your phone.

Put away all distractions, including the TV and your phone.

There are many distractions that can occur when you’re working from home. You might be tempted to take a break to do the laundry or vacuum the floors. You might also be distracted by your kids or pets. And if you have a TV in your home, you might be tempted to watch it while you’re working. All of these distractions can prevent you from being productive when working from home.

One way to focus on your work is to put away all of the distractions. This means turning off the TV, putting your phone away, and closing any other tabs that might be open on your computer. If you have kids or pets, try to find a place for them to play where they won’t bother you. And if you can’t work without a TV, try to find a work-friendly show that you can watch.

Putting away your phone (and putting your phone on silent) is especially important. It’s too easy to get distracted by a text or social media update, so it helps to put the focus on your work instead of anything else that might come up.

3. Make a plan for the day and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Make a plan for the day and try to stick to it as much as possible.

Good organization and planning of your day can be a huge help when working from home. Decide what you need to get done and make a list of tasks. Try to stick to the plan as much as possible, but be flexible if something comes up. Having a set plan will help you stay on track and focus on your work.

Another thing that can help is setting boundaries for yourself. Let your family and friends know that you are working and need some time to focus. Make sure they understand that you will be available for interruptions, but not all the time. Putting boundaries in place can help keep distractions at bay.

It’s also possible to use time-blocking as a focus method. This is when you decide to work on something for a set length of time, after which move on to something else. “I will write this blog post from now until noon,” for example. If it takes longer than that, not to worry! You’ve planned your schedule ahead of time, so you’ll just continue working on the next activity(s).

You can also focus on one task at a time. This means not doing multiple things simultaneously. If you are writing an email, don’t be tempted to look something up online while working on it. Stay focused and finish the email first before checking social media or anything else that is distracting in nature from your work focus.

4. Take breaks, but make sure they are scheduled and don’t last too long.

Take breaks, but make sure they are scheduled and don't last too long.

You can make a schedule for when you will focus on your work and then allow yourself to take breaks between each session. You’ll be able to focus better if you give yourself scheduled breaks instead of getting up every few minutes to walk around the house or check social media accounts. It’s good that there are so many distractions available, but they don’t do much good if you’re not taking advantage of them!

Use a Pomodoro timer. This is a fantastic technique for concentrating while working from the comfort of your own home. It’s simple to do, and all you need is a timer. All you have to do is set the timer for 25 minutes and work on your task until the timer goes off. Then, take a five-minute break before starting again. After four sessions (or 100 minutes), take a longer break of about 20-30 minutes. This will help you stay focused and get more work done.

Taking a break for a few minutes helps you focus better when working from home. It’s important that these breaks are not too long, or your focus will be broken again!

Don’t drink caffeine late in the day. Caffeine affects different people differently and some might find they get more work done on it than others do. But drinking coffee after lunch can cause problems with sleeping later at night if there is too much of it in your system while trying to go to sleep. 

If you love having coffee first thing every morning before starting work then don’t stop just because you’re working from home – but try to limit yourself so that there isn’t an overload of caffeine throughout the rest of the day. If possible, switch out caffeinated drinks for water or herbal tea.

5. Get in a comfortable position when working and make sure your computer screen is at the right height.

Bad ergonomics can lead to long-term health problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and neck pain. These problems can be very painful and debilitating, and can significantly reduce your quality of life. It’s important to focus on your ergonomics and make sure you’re in a comfortable position so that you can avoid these problems.

Try not to work in bed. This is a common mistake that people make because it’s comfortable, but it’s not good for your focus. When you’re in bed, you’re more likely to fall asleep or get distracted by what’s going on around you.

If you are sitting in a recliner, make sure the laptop is at eye level. You don’t want to be looking down at the screen all day.

Keeping an ergonomic position on your chair is beneficial for focus. If you are using a laptop, it’s better to raise the screen to eye level instead of bending your neck to look at it.

How to setup a computer monitor at the right height?

To set up your computer monitor at the right height, you’ll need to measure the height of your eyes from the floor. Once you have this measurement, you can then use it to determine the height of your monitor. You’ll want to place your monitor so that the top of the screen is at or slightly below eye level. A good monitor can also help with eye strain.

If you’re having trouble viewing the screen from this position, you can try to adjust the height of your chair. You may also want to consider using a monitor arm or stand to raise the monitor up to the correct height. This will help ensure that you’re able to maintain a good focus while working on your computer.

Here are some extra tips & tricks on ergonomics.

6. Drink plenty of water and take breaks to eat healthy snacks.

Drink plenty of water and take breaks to eat healthy snacks

It’s easy to get sidetracked when you’re working from home. You might be tempted to skip lunch and keep working, but this is not a good idea. Not only will you be more productive if you take breaks to eat healthy snacks, but you’ll also be less likely to snack on unhealthy foods. And make sure to drink plenty of water, especially if you’re going to be sitting at your computer for a while.

When you’re dehydrated, your brain doesn’t function as well as it should. This can lead to focus problems and make it difficult to concentrate on your work. One way to prevent this is to make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. If you’re not sure how much water you need to drink, try drinking eight glasses per day. Not only will drinking enough water help improve your focus, but it will also help keep you healthy and hydrated.

When you’re trying to focus on your work, it’s important to have healthy snacks handy. This way, you won’t be tempted to eat junk food that will only make you feel tired and sluggish. Healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables will give you the energy you need to focus on your work. So make sure to stock up on healthy snacks before you start working from home!

Go Out There And Focus!

In order to be successful, it’s important to focus on your work and stay productive. But it can be difficult to focus when you’re working from home. There are a lot of distractions that can prevent you from getting your work done.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to get your work done without being disturbed by everything else going on around you.

Drink plenty of water, take breaks to eat healthy snacks, make sure your computer screen is at the right height and keep distractions away. These are all important things to keep in mind when trying to focus on your work.

And remember, it’s okay to take a break every once in a while. Get up and walk around or step outside for some fresh air. This will help refresh your mind and make it easier to focus on your work again.

Thanks for reading! We hope these tips will help.

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