Review: The LG Ergo 32UN880 And Its Flexible Monitor Arm

The LG Ergo 32UN880 replaces the classic monitor stand with a flexible monitor arm, right out of the box. You can order an ergo monitor arm for most monitors, but no solution works as well as this complete package.

Chances are that during this pandemic you will feel the need to invest in a decent monitor. Working from home has become the new normal with Covid-19 and sitting hunched over your laptop is anything but an ergonomic position. Besides, an external monitor offers extra screen space to work more efficiently.

Manufacturers who want to get their monitors in the spotlight need to be creative. LG does this with the LG Ergo 32UN880 by putting a flexible monitor arm with a desk bracket in the box. For some people this might be a limiting factor, not everyone has a compatible desktop to clamp the bracket. If you have the right desktop, then this monitor will give you enough flexibility and room on your desk.

LG’s new monitor with arm.

The LG Ergo 32UN880 uses a C-clamp and can therefore not be clamped to every type of desk, let that be clear. If the C-clamp doesn’t fit, you will probably have to get creative. We already used an old stack of business cards to fit the bracket on our Ikea Bekant corner desks because the metal frame got in the way.

Once installed, you immediately notice how neat this setup is. You can process all cables nicely through the arm. The arm is adjustable in height and you can easily rotate the screen to work in portrait mode (perfect for developers or photographers). The lift system can be operated with one finger and feels very sturdy. The flexible hinges allow you to use the monitor in any way you need.

LG’s Minimal Monitor Design for the32UN880.

Admittedly, a monitor arm to attach to your desk is nothing new and there are plenty of third parties that offer separate mounts for VESA-compatible monitors. LG does know how to design a nice-looking monitor. However, this is the first time that the finish has been this beautiful and clean, including the cable trays. You pay a hefty premium price, but for those who like the minimalistic design and want that extra flexibility, the price won’t be an issue.

The screen has a matte finish all around which provides a nice business look. Unlike many LG monitors, matte black is the main color of the LG Ergo 32UN880. In our opinion, the best color, but the taste is personal. #matteblackeverything

The adjustability in height, the double hinge, and the possibility to tilt the screen at a limited angle mean that you no longer have an excuse for not adopting an ergonomic position. Hence LG’s choice to include Ergo in the product name, and rightly so.

What ports does the LG Ergo have?

With the LG Ergo 32UN880, you won’t have any trouble with the lack of ports: 1x USB-C, 1x DisplayPort, 2x HDMI, 2x USB-A, and 1x headphone jack. The USB-C connection is compatible with both Thunderbolt 3 devices and classic USB-C devices. The monitor delivers 60 watts of charging power, which is sufficient for just about any laptop as long as it is not a workstation.

Operating the monitor is done with a joystick at the bottom center just like any LG monitor. This is by far the easiest way of operating your monitor, and LG does this the best out of all the manufacturers. You immediately feel the joystick, you can push in four directions and click centrally to confirm. Why other monitor manufacturers haven’t yet applied this method remains a mystery to us.

There are two speakers onboard that do their best, but everyone knows how the sound quality of built-in speakers usually is. The LG Ergo 32UN880 performs on average here; useful for occasional listening. You’re better of hooking up a pair of speakers like the Audio Engine A2+. Mac-specific functions such as Night Shift, True Tone, volume, and brightness control do not work through your Mac’s shortcut keys. If you want to change the settings, you have to use the joystick at the bottom of the screen.

What is the screen quality of the32UN880?

The ergonomic arm is the star of the show, but of course, we shouldn’t forget the screen. The out of the box screen quality is really good. For office use, this screen offers everything you could wish for. Creative professionals can adjust the monitor a little more to their liking with calibration (DCI-P3 range is around 93.1%), but it doesn’t come close to a true reference monitor or the infamous Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

The DCI-P3 rendering is decent, but it could be better in terms of sRGB.

If you check the specification list you can see that this monitor is HDR10 compatible (more on HDR10 here). However, take that with a good grain of salt. The maximum brightness is 350 nits. Wait, we almost forget to mention this is a 4K monitor. So screen resolutions are at 3840 x 2160 with a 60hz refresh rate

Pricey, but a great all-in-one solution

The LG Ergo 32UN880 is a pricey monitor. However, with this price tag, you get a monitor with better panel quality and a flexible monitor arm. We are a fan of the minimalistic matte black finish, the solid build quality, the extra space gained on your desk, and the optimal ergonomic settings.

If the hefty price is too high, you can always look at the 27-inch version, which is on average 150 dollars cheaper. Keep in mind that you will exchange the 4K resolution for WQHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels). The all-in-one solution of the LG Ergo 32UN880 is pricey, a traditional desk bracket can do a lot of things equally as well, but the total concept has its price. It is up to you to decide if this is worth paying for.

Need more information on what monitor to buy and/or what you should look out for? Read our guide on what to look out for when buying a monitor.

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