Is the MX Keys worth the purchase?

Review of the Logitech MX Keys
Review of the Logitech MX Keys

In addition to the well-known MX Master 3 mice, Logitech also released a keyboard in the MX series, The MX Keys. The MX Keys has been created for creatives and developed for programmers, according to Logitech. So it seems that they are targeting the same market as Apple. The keys also look remarkably like the keys of the MacBook Pro.

How is the build quality?

According to Logitech, the keyboard is perfect for programmers and creatives, whether the design meets those needs, you will find out in the review below. In terms of build quality, we immediately notice that the keyboard feels heavy and quite stiff. If you take hold of the keyboard at both ends and turn it around its longest axis, you will notice some flex. On the other hand, if you press hard on the space above the arrow keys, the keyboard barely bends.

There are no buttons to be found on the sides of the keyboard. It is clearly visible here that the MX keys is slightly slanted and really thin.

At the bottom of the keyboard, we find 6 rubbers on which the keyboard rests. Unfortunately, no adjustable legs. Despite a large number of functions, Logitech could have made a better effort on the design. Programmers often go for ergonomic designs, especially because they spend a lot of time on the computer. Adding a set of raisable feet would have been nice.

How are the ergonomics?

The keyboard has remained relatively compact, although it contains a Numpad. Also, it’s interesting to see that Logitech has made an effort to ensure compatibility is assured for macOS and Windows. For example, there are Windows keys, but also Mac keys. Think of a combined cmd-alt key and an opt-windows key. The function key is located on the right side of the keyboard next to the AltGr. On the top row, we find F-keys with extra functions. These vary from locking the screen, to the task view and varying the brightness of the keyboard lighting. Above the insert, home, and page up keys we find some keys to quickly switch between devices. On the right, there are some programmable buttons, which are standard on the calculator, camera, “right mouse button” and screen lock.

In terms of feel, the keys themselves are most comparable to the 2015 MacBook Pro keys. The keys sound the same and feel the same, but in our opinion, they are a major improvement. Almost every key has a small pit that fits your fingertips, which reduces the number of typing errors. These pits are not only in the letter keys but can also on the row of numbers, Numpad, and arrow keys. Actually, only the top row of programmable keys and the space bar have no notch. Despite the relatively shallow key travel, the keyboard actually types wonderfully. We always recommend testing keyboards and mice in real life. These are the devices that we use for several hours every day.

What hardware does the MX Keys pack?

The keyboard houses a lot of hardware. There are even sensors that can sense whether your hands are close to the keyboard. On a fully charged battery (1500 mAh), the keyboard lasts up to 10 days with the use of the backlight. Without the backlight, you’ll get 5 months of usage with one charge, according to Logitech. We were able to confirm the 10 days. but we did not succeed in the 5 months due to testing time. According to Logitech, the wireless range is 10 meters and we have been able to confirm this, with no obstacles between the receiver and the keyboard.

What can you do with Logitech’s software for the MX Keys?

The software package, Logitech Options, is included with the keyboard. With this software, you can reprogram all top row keys (except the escape key). There are so many options that can’t even list all of them. But here is a selection of the options: action center, launch application, close window, keystroke assignment, maximize a window, scroll left, switch applications, and zoom in. So there are a total of 17 keys on the keyboard that can be assigned a different function. The software also allows you to back up all keyboard settings to the Logitech servers.

With the Easy-Switch buttons, you can switch between systems. You can quickly switch between your laptop and iPad Pro, which works quite well. We’re glad Logitech added this feature. You can link 3 different devices with the MX Keys in total. With the Flow software, you can also transfer files from one PC or Mac to another. We can also confirm that the keyboard itself works fine on iPad OS, Android, and Linux.

In short

The Logitech MX Keys is a great keyboard that ticks a lot of boxes. If we look at the design, we can conclude that the keyboard is sleek and with the rounded corners, almost futuristic. Despite its thin appearance, the keyboard is a bit too big to take with you in a laptop bag. In our opinion, the keyboard is best suited for the workplace or at home. With the push of a button, you can switch between 3 different devices, with different operating systems: Linux, macOS, iOS, Chrome, Android, and Windows.

With a shallow travel distance at 1.8 mm, the keyboard has a nice ticky feel. Because of the keys dimples, you are less likely to make typing errors. If Logitech had added feet to change the angle of the keyboard, that would be a big plus. The backlight also makes the keyboard pleasant to use, as it automatically detects the ambient light and adjusts the brightness. Battery life is also excellent with around 80 hours if the backlight is enabled.

The software is as you expect from Logitech, well designed. You can reprogram all keys with ease. You can easily switch between programs, maximize, copy, paste, etcetera. A very pleasant addition, especially for programmers and creatives, is the creation of your own keystrokes. We also have nothing to complain about in terms of sustainability, Logitech is certainly on the right track.

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